Workshop Presentations

The first part of the workshop featured the participants’ presentations of their position papers. This allowed attendees to get an understanding of some current interactive media and cute interfaces. Based on this platform, the second part of the workshop was a facilitated discussion about how to develop next generation user interfaces to take advantage of the “cuteness” factor and establish more meaningful relationships with the users and encouraging happiness and positive experiences.


Kawaii Engineering
Adrian David Cheok and Tim Merritt
Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore

Click Here For The Presentation File (4.9MB)

Pocket Plantio
Satoshi Kuribayashi
Keio University, Japan

Click Here For The Presentation File (6.6MB)

Systematic Study for"Kawaii"Products
Michiko Ohkura
Shibaura Institute of Technology

Click Here For The Presentation File (1MB)

The Digital Gachapon Machine
Lars Erik Holmquist
Swedish Institute of Computer Science

Click Here for the Presentation File (65MB)

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