Call For Participation

We are looking for papers and presentations that explore cuteness in interactive systems and the unique effects on the user.

Submissions are encouraged which come from varied disciplines and identify issues in using cuteness to appeal to the user of interactive systems. This may include but not limited to the following fields of research: game design, interactive system design, new media arts, game studies, culture studies, psychology, Kansei engineering, and other fields that are related.

Topics of submissions should have cuteness as a focus. The following is a list of suggested topics, however all aspects are welcomed:

  • Describing cuteness in interactive systems
  • Variables that affect the cuteness factor, such as color, sound, etc.
  • Case studies of interactive system design using cuteness
  • Design frameworks that use cuteness as a guiding design goal
  • User motivation using cuteness in Serious Games or Educational Games
  • User issues using cuteness in entertainment games
  • Using cuteness in social networks
  • History of cuteness in interactive systems
  • User studies of cuteness in interactive systems
  • Cultural issues related to the perception of cuteness
  • Analysis of the Japanese concept of Kawaii
  • Kansei studies of cuteness as a design goal
  • Forecasting the role of cuteness in interactive systems
  • Character design using cuteness
  • Psychology of cuteness
  • Aesthetics of cuteness
  • Cuteness affecting patterns of play or social interaction and self-expression

We recognize that this narrow focus of “cuteness” research may have limited empirical results, yet is a promising field of new research. We welcome all submissions that can stimulate thought around the topic or generate ideas.

Submission Guidelines

The workshop plans to include full and short presentations, demos, and posters. Interested participants are requested to submit up to a 6 page paper or 2 page poster/demo description in the ACM format (additional video links are encouraged) on the relevant topic for the workshop, including challenges and solutions for the development of cute interactive media. Submissions should be e-mailed as a PDF attachment on or before December 31, 2007 to gro.balytilaerdexim|etuc#gro.balytilaerdexim|etuc videos should not be sent but be provided with a link.

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